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May 28th, 2014 by Bita Milanian - 7 Comments

GENBAND Day_banner_thsirt finalI am full of gratitude today because I have had the honor to transition recently from one dream job to another. For those of you who know me for years, or for my entire life, you know how much leaving the communications industry to help build Farhang Foundation meant to me, personally, professionally and spiritually. Contributing to the establishment of Farhang and then leading the organization (which is keeping Iranian culture alive and cultural diplomacy vibrant in the US and globally) was an incredibly challenging and rewarding journey, and a journey I am still on as part of their advisory board.

In order for me to return to my original profession, in the global communications industry, I had to know my time would continue to have meaning beyond getting the work done and building the business. That is why, when David Walsh, the Chairman and CEO of GENBAND, contacted me out of the blue earlier this year to join his team again, I realized I could continue to “Leave My Mark” and “be the change in the world I wished to see” in a new role, with global reach.

Today, our company announced its plagbdayns for its annual “Global Day of Service,” a tradition started by Charlie Vogt, GENBAND’s former CEO (now at Imagine Communications) and continued by David Walsh, and enhanced by Robin Wright, who leads HR & Corporation Operations, and an extraordinary young woman, Amy Fedele who works year round to coordinate a day that “follows the sun” in all the countries GENBAND serves.

nysaysOn Friday, I’ll be with our New York City team, rolling up my sleeves and wielding a hammer to help rebuild a home nearly destroyed by Hurricane Sandy. I cannot wait to join with an incredible non-profit organization, New York Says Thank You Foundation, whose mission is healing by helping. They bring the firefighters, policemen, and first responders – many of whom risked their lives on 9.11, lost friends, and worked on “the pile” at Ground Zero – to communities around the US who have been impacted by natural disasters like Sandy. I will share a report and photos, so you can experience just one out of many projects GENBAND’s team is contributing to May 30thclick here to see a full list of all of our other activities around the world.

Where will you leave your mark? Those of us fortunate enough to be in the “communications” industry are also in a position to help share inspiration through the very technology we build and support in our connected – and collective – lives.


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