Why Be Good, When You Can Be Great? LIG: Being Good & Great – Summer of Service 2014 Dinner with Dr. Sadural

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The last two weeks have been incredibly busy, exhausting and inspiring!  Thanks for following me half way around the world and back, where in NYC last night, our Summer of Service interns had the honor of meeting the LIG Global Foundation team at the warm and beautiful Gabriel’s restaurant near Lincoln Center.

The room was beautiful, and the dinner out of this world – but not everybody in the world has life this easy. As part of our “Inspirers” series, where our summer interns are privileged to meet adults who are going above and beyond to help others, we were able to hear about what the founders of the Life Is Great Foundation confronted when they started their non-profit very personally through trips to Haiti.


Husband and wife team, Dr. Ernani Sadural and Dr. Sarah Timmapuri, like many healthcare professionals trekked to Haiti following the devastating earthquake in 2010, to do all they could to help the children, families, and fellow physicians carry on with life despite devastating losses of life, property and resources.

“Life is great when shared through service with integrity” is part of the culture they are building, attracting more and more physicians, now to rally and travel to regions impacted by natural disasters, poverty and conflict bringing quality care, often made better through technology.

Website: www.LIGglobal.org  | Twitter:  @LIGGlobal

I was blessed to be introduced to LIG by Dr. David Rhew, Chief Medical Officer at Samsung, a partner of my company, GENBAND.  When I first read about their mission: “To deliver humanitarian relief to people in great need around the world by bringing together dedicated medical and non-medical volunteers, supplies and technology” – I knew I wanted to help.  And I knew our interns would want to help too! I have noticed a pattern, that the young people we bring in to work at GENBAND all want to give back. 100% of them. So, we work to combine both business training and service opportunities to them.

IMG_0155“We aim to create a  global community in which everyone will have access to up-to-date surgical equipment and excellent health-care,” said Dr. Sadural at our dinner, while Dr. Timmapuri added, “we can also benefit the global healthcare industry by testing innovative digital tools to quickly assess, triage and treat patients in rural and disaster-impacted settings.”

LIG is continuing to grow, and we will continue to support them by first helping them with strategic planning, then implementing a Summer of Service 2015 project. Their offering today includes:

  • Teach adults and children in personal hygiene, dental hygiene, cholera prevention, diabetes care, blood pressure control
  • Provide education supplies and toys to local school children
  • Distribute medications needed for illnesses
  • Set-up and run a full-fledged pharmacy with medication dispensing and patient-education
  • Collaborate with local physicians to perform free life-changing surgeries to women, men and children in the areas of Gynecology. General Surgery, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
  • Provide free cervical cancer and breast cancer screening for women, including mobile outreach clinic
  • Train local surgeons in advanced surgical techniques including donations of state of the art equipment
  • Setup local Wound Care Center of Excellence in Grenada and Cervical Cancer Prevention Training Center in the Philippines
  • Provide medical support for schools for special needs children and Homes for the Disabled
  • Provide basic and advanced cardiac life support training to local medical communities
  • Provide long distance support to our communities via Telemedicine-based technology

IMG_3976What is most inspiring about LIG, having been engaged with many, many non-profit organizations in my lifetime, is their pure commitment to not be a “fly-by” organization. They say “We will not go to one place and never come back.” It’s a promise they are keeping and one which we by extension have promised to help them keep. This is how we roll.

LIG works in 8 Asian and sub-African countries today:

  • Dominican Republic
  • Grenada
  • India
  • Peru
  • Philippines
  • South Sudan
  • Tanzania
  • Uganda

Great thanks to Dr. Rhew for this introduction of a lifetime, and of course to Drs. Timmapuri and Sadural and their team for their selfless and joyful work to help others! If you’d like to join in, please contact me and we’ll find a way.


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