The Definition of Family at a Time of Love, Loss and Lofty Goals

September 19th, 2015 by Bita Milanian - 2 Comments

Sultan Mom Kate and Dad

For my friends Sultan and Kate Meghji, 2015 has been year of joy, achievement and sudden loss.

Even as they were preparing to introduce their family foundation, inspired by decades of service by earlier generations in India, Africa, and North America – they got the news that their father, genetics pioneer Dr. Moez Meghji, passed away at his retirement home in Costa Rica.

It’s the call my generation, our generation, fears the most and in Sultan and Kate’s case, they flew quickly to Costa Rica, to collect the remains and deal with their father’s property, possessions and international paperwork, while still in shock.

Following their Facebook posts was both a poignant experience and a joyful one, as they shared some pretty funny moments from their trip. They opened up the journey – and we followed them.

our family

It has only been a month, and last week they announced with their family and friends The Meghji Family Foundation. I’m sharing it with you because I love the mission – am equally as passionate a believer as they are in STEM – now STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math). They see the “leverage” in that combination – education and innovation, next generation creators, and solving the biggest challenges we face on the planet.

Grown Up Sultan and DadThese include ensuring a safe and secure food supply and clean water for all, the support of communities and human and animal rights. Which brings them back full circle to their grandfathers, one whom built an entire community in Tanzania as an entrepreneurial farmer where he created an economy, jobs, then schools, businesses and a good life until the government intervened. The other served in World War II, where he fought for freedom and lost a brother in France.

What moves me about the Meghjis is their deep connection to their families – their histories – and their fresh sense of vision about a new way to build – using technology, using communications and media, and tapping into their DNA to further and expand what it means to be Meghji.  What a lesson, what an example!

I am joining in by offering my time and talents as a former executive director of a non-profit, to help them build a quality platform and support quality programs that are repeatable, scalable and improve the lives of as many creatures on the earth and the earth itself.   You can follow the The Meghji Family Foundation‘s work via Facebook and Twitter.

Sultan Kate and DadThe great Persian poet Rumi says:

“When you do things from your soul, you feel a river moving in you, a joy.”

Can there be any greater gift given and received in a time of sorrow that to do that which makes your soul happy while flowing grace to others?

Congratulations Sultan, Kate and your family – imagine what will happen when more people of our generation are so determined to get organized to give!


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